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Our workshops and classes for writing, filmmaking and art are taught by accomplished artists, experienced teachers and/or renowned lecturers from the film industry, literary field or art world.

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Meet our teachers:


Patti Fox____________________ painting

Patti Fox is a fine artist with a passion for the creative process. Her formal training as a geneticist has fostered her sense of curiosity and appreciation for the natural world and the human element. She also teaches a variety of art classes at WHH.


Marion Mahoney_______________ yoga

Marion Mahoney is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist licensed by the state of California. She teaches bi-weekly yoga classes at WHH.

More teachers soon...


Patty Waite ______ photography, art, etc

Patty believes that photography is much more than a means to an end.  The process itself, if approached correctly, can become a life-enhancing spiritual practice.  She is passionate about pairing images with inspirational words and helping women find and define their creative voices.  More


Uschi Müller __________________ photography

Uschi’s travel photography captures the essence of people from all over the world. Uschi regularly exhibits in Warmlands Hill House as well as is one of our distinguished teachers of our photography classes.

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