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Ponderings of the Warmlands Hill House’s host, Gerrie Timmerman.

Our first guests___ June 2011

Warmlands Hill House is home to many creative creatures, not only the two legged ones walking upright. In June, we got our first visitors, a family of swallows.
Maybe they heard about our places and like their ancestors, landing every year in San Juan Capistrano, they decided to go inland and visit us. The creativity with which they build their nest is breath-taking. It was great having them. We hope to see them back next year.
For more info on the world-famous San Juan Capistrano swallows, click here.

Californian Christmas___ December 2011
Warmlands Hill House’s First Christmas

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The best burger in the world, right here in Vista___ March 23, 2012

When someone says they ate the best burger in the world and it’s right here in Vista, I have to try it. I am pretty picky about my burger; a friend once complained I pull ‘a Harry met Sally’ when ordering a burger. That is the ultimate version of being picky I can tell you that, for those of you who haven’t seen the film.


But I like a challenge, and I never give up in the hope to find that best burger. Well, the search is over, the best burger in the world is right here in Vista. If I  did not already live here, I would move here for this.
It’s a handmade patty with ingredients we could not get out of the chef. Good for him. It’s a secret worth keeping.


Next time I’ll take a picture, and they say a picture is worth more than a thousand words, but but believe me when I say in this case: only your taste buds will satisfy you. It’s a great new place in town for our guests and within walking distance!.

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